We're excited to announce the launch of our new subscription service, making LimeWire the first content creator platform to allow fans to fully own creator content. As part of this evolution, we're also opening up our platform to all kinds of creators and brands, not just musicians.

Since our relaunch in July last year, we have been actively engaging with artists to understand their needs and aspirations. Through open dialogue and collaboration, we've sought to solve ongoing challenges faced by creators in today's digital landscape, such as difficulties with monetization, content ownership, and community management. With direct input from artists, we have developed the world's first artist subscription platform with fully ownable content for fans and followers. Creators can now maintain greater control over their content and generate predictable income while fostering strong connections with their most loyal fans, as every content piece shared automatically becomes a digital collectible.

The new subscription model empowers content creators to create a more personal relationship and share exclusive video, audio, photo, and text-based content with their subscribers. Fans can subscribe to their favorite creators, artists, and brands, purchase limited paid content, and interact with other members within the creator's community. With a user-friendly interface and innovative community features, LimeWire caters to a broad audience and accepts both traditional credit card payments and popular cryptocurrencies.

Revenue Stream Overview

The LimeWire platform's community-building process centers around high-quality, exclusive content, made even more valuable through non-fungible tokens (NFTs). By leveraging blockchain technology, creators can protect their content from exploitation and piracy, ensuring content holders maintain a stake in its scarcity. As creators mint their content, they can generate passive revenue streams via royalties and Pay-per-View income.

Subscribers enjoy exclusive access to unique content and ownership of each post as an NFT, which can be resold on secondary markets. Pay-per-View royalty sharing enables subscribers to support their favorite creators, artists, and brands while participating in their financial success.

LimeWire Token And Public Sale

We recently celebrated a major milestone with the successful completion of our community presale for the LimeWire Token (LMWR), selling out within the first 48 hours despite the challenging crypto market conditions. The presale raised a total of $400,000 worth of LMWR, with $200,000 sold in the first 30 minutes of the sale. This remarkable achievement signifies strong support by the community and enthusiasm for our platform's innovative approach.

On May 2nd, we're set to launch the public sale of our LimeWire Token (LMWR), further expanding our reach and solidifying our position as a game-changer in the world of content creation and fan engagement.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and announcements from LimeWire, as we continue to revolutionize the creator economy and redefine the relationship between creators and their fans.