Introducing LimeWire Ad-Revenue Sharing - powered by $LMWR.

Introducing LimeWire Ad-Revenue Sharing - powered by $LMWR.

We’re excited to announce the LimeWire Ad-Revenue Sharing program, allowing every LimeWire user - from creator, to fan, to content promoter - to participate in the success and growth of the LimeWire ecosystem. All powered by $LMWR.

Starting July 24th 2023, LimeWire Ad-Revenue Sharing will be our newest product addition on our mission to empower creators of any type and give them the means to earn a fair share of income with the content they create. Only this time, we are not just rewarding creators but also their fans and promoters, who support them along the way and give them the exposure they deserve.

LimeWire Ad-Revenue Sharing works in three simple steps:

1) Ad-Revenue Generation

Any content posted on the LimeWire platform can automatically generate ad-revenue. The revenue is calculated based on the number of views, which means: The more views a post generates, the higher the Ad-Revenue Share will be.

2) Ad-Revenue Distribution in $LMWR

We use the collectively generated revenues to buy back $LMWR tokens from the market and then use these tokens to reward our platform users:

  • Creators receive 50% of all ad-revenue generated on the LimeWire platform.
  • Fans / Subscribers receive 10% of all ad-revenue generated from content they own. To qualify, they must have subscribed to the creator before the content was released.
  • Promoters receive 10% of all ad-revenue generated from content they promote on social media.

3) Content Views

To optimize their Ad-Revenue Share, creators, subscribers and promoters are equally incentivized to boost content exposure for artists within and beyond the LimeWire ecosystem, making the LimeWire Ad-Revenue Sharing program a catalyst of growth for our community, and all $LMWR token holders.

Stay tuned for more product updates from LimeWire and make sure to check out our latest roadmap to get a glimpse of what’s next on our mission to revolutionize the creator economy.