10 Best AI Recipe Generators in 2024

Want to spice up your diet and try something new? Use one of these top AI recipe generators.

Recipe book and ingredients
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools are not limited to just text and image generators—there are some unique uses of AI on the internet. One of those fun and innovative uses is generating cooking recipes with AI.

Here are some of the best AI recipe generators available online. We’ve tried to include only those sites that offer generous free functionality along with their paid options.

1. DishGen

Generating an AI recipe with DishGen

If you have never cooked before and have recently developed this craze for making new dishes every other day, the AI recipe generators can significantly help you. Though you can find tons of recipe books in the market and watch videos online—both have their limitations.

With recipe books, you get access to only a limited number of recipes at a time, while watching cooking videos while you cook can be an arduous task. 

DishGen is a helpful AI recipe generator where all you have to do is put the description or ingredients of your desired recipe in the search bar, and you will get the entire recipe in one click.

Additionally, with a premium plan, this AI recipe generator can be of significant help if you are looking to shed some pounds but have no money to invest in getting tailor-made meal plans.

Simply put your requirements and the ingredients you need to avoid in the search bar, and the tool will generate an entire meal plan for you. Don’t worry—the recipes will be full of taste, and this will never get dull and boring for you.

2. KitchenAI

Creating a recipe with KitchenAI AI recipe generator

KitchenAI is a kitchen assistant, along with being a recipe and meal generator. It is an AI chatbot at your disposal to answer all your kitchen-related queries. From asking about the temperature required to bake your favorite muffins to knowing about the spices needed in a recipe, this AI assistant can tell you everything.

KitchenAI is multilingual, and you can personalize it by sharing the area or country you reside in and the language you prefer. Talking to KitchenAI resembles having a chef by your side, with the only difference being that this chef is virtual.

3. Let’s Foodie

AI Recipe generated using Let’s Foodie

Are you tired and don’t feel like going to the nearby mart to do your daily groceries? Do you want to use the ingredients you have at your place and cook something delicious? Well, the Let’s Foodie AI recipe generator has you covered.

All you have to do is give it a list of all the ingredients you have at home, with or without their quantities, and the tool will generate a recipe tailor-made for you. Sounds fun and convenient, right?

4. ChefGPT 

Generating an AI recipe using ChefGPT

ChefGPT, as the name suggests, is a virtual chef at your service. This AI recipe generator has all the attributes of a human chef and can even offer much more at times.

From creating tailor-made recipes based on the ingredients in your refrigerator to providing you with a cooking course so you can polish your cooking skills, this tool has your back.

ChefGPT also has sub-apps, including MasterGPT and PantryGPT. The former provides an entire course material to follow while learning to cook. PantryGPT, on the contrary, caters to your needs when you want to use the ingredients you already have and make something different and fun.

5. MealPractice

Using MealPractice to generate an AI recipe

MealPractice is the best AI recipe generator for you if you have no idea where to start. Unlike other recipe generators, where you must select the ingredients or type a description of the recipe you want, this recipe generator does all the work for you.

You simply have to select a type of protein like meat, plant, etc., and the nutritional value of the food, for example, whether you want to keep it low-carb, healthy, or whole, and the cuisine you prefer, and the tool will recommend some top recipes for you. It’s that simple!

6. Plant Jammer 

Generating AI recipes using Plant Jammer

Plant Jammer is an eco-friendly initiative initially built to reduce food wastage in every home. On this platform, you have to select the fruits or vegetables available in your refrigerator from the list, and the AI generator will provide you with a list of recipes you can try with them.

Furthermore, you can get recipes for different fruit bowls on this platform. Let’s say you only have apples in your fridge at the moment. All you need to do is select apples on the list of food items, and the AI generator will provide you with some delicious and fresh apple recipes.

7. SuperCook

Interface of SuperCook AI recipe generator

This AI recipe generator provides you with a list of all the possible items that could be present in your fridge. The only ingredients the generator assumes you already have include salt, water, and pepper.

Once you have chosen the ingredients from the list, you can choose your preferred language and hit the “Get Started” button at the bottom. This tool will then provide several recipes you could make using your chosen ingredients.

8. CookAIFood

Using CookAIFood to generate AI recipes

The CookAIFood is more like a virtual recipe book for you, with the only exception being that you can even get the tool to generate some recipes based on the ingredients you already have.

If you constantly struggle to decide what to make for lunch or dinner, this tool can provide many recipe options. Go through the entire collection of food recipes this tool has listed for you and decide on your next excellent food recipe for the day.

You can even connect with other cooking enthusiasts on this platform and exchange recipes. The platform is more like a social media handle where you can post pictures of the recipes you have made and even like and share those shared by other users. Cooking can never get this fun!

9. Mr. Cook

Generating an AI recipe with Mr. Cook

Use this AI-powered recipe-generating tool and turn the ingredients you have at your place into delicious recipes. You just need to give it a list of available ingredients or a rough description of the recipe you have in mind and hit the “Generate” button to get it to work.

Mr. Cook even has some pre-built recipes for you—like a virtual recipe book. You can find a shopping list calculator in the “Product” section. And do you know what the best part is? Mr. Cook is also available to download on both Android and iOS devices.

10. Crooked Recipes

Using Crooked Recipes to generate an AI recipe

Crooked Recipes takes the AI recipe generation game to another level, providing you with an entire menu.

Frankly, seeing the app’s interface for the first time could make you feel like you have opened a virtual menu of fine-dine restaurants. With this tool, you don’t have to spend too much time surfing through different recipes to choose the one you want to make.

From appetizers and snacks to breakfast, main dishes, desserts, drinks & cocktails to other recipe options for various occasions like holidays, this tool has categorized it all for you.

Crooked Recipes is made to cater to the needs of all kinds of users. For instance, if you only want comfort food for the time being, hit the “Comfort Food” category, and you will have an extensive list of options.

Similarly, for users wanting to prepare a feast, the tool has related categories to fit their needs the best. At Crooked Recipes, you can even talk to an AI chatbot if you can access ChatGPT Plus.

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