13 Ways AI Is Changing Your Life

Wondering which areas of our lives has AI affected? Here's a list to give you some idea.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing our lives in ways we might not have noticed. Most apps, appliances, and services are harnessing the power of AI in one way or another.

Here are some prominent ways AI is affecting our lives (for good or bad, that’s up to you to decide!).

1. Shopping and Recommendation Engines 

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Have you ever surfed the internet or gone through your favorite Instagram store and had some recommendations pop up on the screen? Well, that’s AI in action for you.

Ever since the rise of AI, various AI models and tools have worked to help you make your shopping spree a success. These AI models integrate with your search engines and other apps installed on your devices.

Once you open any social media app or head to a search engine for some query, they will start suggesting what you are looking for on web pages and in-app ads. So, if you have ever bought a new wallet while looking for a new pair of shoes, that’s AI doing all the subconscious convincing.

2. Social Media and Content Curation

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Another field where AI has established its footprint is social media and content creation. The past half-decade or so has seen a tremendous social media revolution, and many have now started to adopt content curation as a full-time job. 

Time has also seen a massive increase in visitors on these social media platforms. Owing to their strong presence on these handles, various marketing managers and gurus see the vast potential for their marketing on social media platforms. 

Apart from the AI-curated ads that we discussed in the first point, social media is filled with AI-generated content, making it one of the best examples of platforms revolutionized by AI. Additionally, the content suggestions you get on social media have AI algorithms working at the backend.

3. Digital Assistants and Smart Homes

Alexa Echo Smart Home Device
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Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri have been around for quite some time, but have you ever wondered about the algorithm working behind the scenes? If you don’t already know, that’s AI providing all that functionality to you. Google Gemini and Microsoft Copilot are the latest additions to this list.

These digital assistants and smart home gadgets use the data already saved to respond to your queries and provide you with the best possible answers. And do you know what the best part is? If they ever fail to answer your queries correctly, they take the new data, process it, and learn from it to give better answers next time.

4. Language Translation and Communication

Different language translations on a copybook
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With the world becoming a global village, new opportunities arise daily for people. Technology has helped them overcome the challenges, but the language barrier still exists. Thankfully, there are several AI models to combat this. 

You can use the different AI language models to translate your native language to the one in demand and communicate effectively with people worldwide. This has the potential to open new doors of success for human beings. 

These AI models are now integrated into different meeting and video call apps, allowing you to translate languages in real-time. Moreover, the auto-generated captions and sign language models greatly help deaf individuals.

5. Entertainment and Personalization

Smart TV with Netflix
Image by Andrés Rodríguez from Pixabay

Streaming platforms like Netflix have become popular over the past few years. Though such platforms have many streaming options, you still get confused about what to watch next. That’s where AI models play their role. 

These AI models take your data and use it to suggest the media that you might prefer. Additionally, based on your last watch history on the platforms, you will likely receive similar recommendations, enhancing and personalizing your overall experience. 

6. Transportation and Navigation

Navigation on Google Maps mobile app
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Transportation is another field where AI technology and AI apps have left a significant mark. Google Maps, which all of us use for our daily commute, is one prime application of this. 

On these maps, you can access all the different routes for reaching your destination and determine the traffic situation of the area. This is done with the help of advanced AI technology and AI models that use satellites to learn the data and present it to you. 

The invention of automatic cars, where all the functions are automated, is another example of AI and machine learning algorithms. The car is made in such a way that it’s made to learn specific commands and functions, and it makes decisions based on the information it’s been fed.

7. Cybersecurity and Threat Detection

Virus detected on a laptop
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AI models have your back if you are concerned about online safety and privacy. Most security apps use AI these days to detect fraudulent websites or malware apps and provide you with an alert beforehand. 

These apps scan websites, apps, and your download files and determine their potential of being fraudulent. Thanks to these AI apps, you can now scroll through the internet without worrying about your online safety.

8. Healthcare and Medical Diagnosis

Measuring health using smartphone
Image by sujin soman from Pixabay

Gone are the times when patients had to wait for months to get their medical reports and generally had to suffer a great deal of loss because of this. With AI models integrated into medical equipment, patients can know about diseases even in the early stages and avail themselves of the best treatments. 

The AI equipment can thoroughly scan your body in a few minutes and access all your genetic information. Additionally, this equipment can even determine the degree of the disease and suggest potential treatments based on all the data added to it in the past.

And this is just the beginning! In the near future, AI technology is predicted to perform in-depth analysis of patients, allowing them to have personalized medical care.

9. Climate Change and Environmental Impact

Change of climate in an area
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You can even use AI models to detect the changing patterns in the weather conditions and take necessary precautions to avoid any emergencies in the future. 

Recently, research has been done explaining how Deep Learning technology can predict upcoming earthquakes. Though the prediction cannot be completely reliable, it helps us get better prepared for environmental calamities to a great degree.

AI is being implemented into studying climate change and other environmental phenomena, and the data processed through AI is likely to become an integral part of these subjects in the near future.

10. Education and Personalized Learning

A girl learning online on her laptop
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Education was never this easy before AI learning apps and platforms were developed. All you have to do is teach these platforms about your learning patterns and behaviors, and they will develop a customized plan for you. 

You can also check your compatibility with the subject you want to pursue using the online quiz and monitoring systems powered by these AI models. 

11. Finance and Personalized Banking

Investment analysis on paper and tab
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Finance and banking are other sensitive aspects that need to be tackled carefully. If you are new to banking and have just entered the digital banking world, AI tools can significantly help you. 

The AI tools use malware and virus detection algorithms to detect any potential fraud and help you keep your assets safe. In addition, AI and Deep Learning models help develop investment suggestions based on your spending habits and financial condition, in case you’re interested in investing your money.

12. Accessibility and Assistive Technology

Braille writing for specially abled people
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Thanks to the overwhelming technology of AI models and machine learning tools, differently-abled people can now enjoy all the luxuries they have missed. 

For instance, speech recognition apps, screen readers, and voice and communication aid models can help disabled individuals enjoy the perks of technology.

You can even find different types of smart glasses for visually impaired individuals and text-to-speech apps for people who can’t speak.

13. Creative Fields and Inspiration

AI robots sitting together
Image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay

The last field on this list where AI tools have helped many people is creativity. Be it writing or designing, it’s not easy to come up with new ideas all the time.

If you are a writer and nothing seems to inspire you at any given time, you can take the help of AI writing models like ChatGPT to come up with an idea to start with. Similarly, AI image generation tools can help designers get high-quality images using text prompts.

How Can You Use AI to Change Your Life?

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