20 Best AI Blogs to Follow in 2024

Looking to learn about AI? Check out these top AI blogs that will keep you engaged.

Man Reading an AI Blog
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) needs no introduction anymore—it’s been the talk of the town since ChatGPT took the world by storm in early 2023. With innovations and developments unfolding at an unprecedented pace, keeping up can be challenging.

Fortunately, numerous online blogs are dedicated to shedding light on the latest in AI. So, which ones should you be following to stay in the loop? We've curated a list of the best AI blogs that are sure to keep you informed and engaged.

Fun, Non-Technical Blogs

Diving into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can sometimes feel like you're wading through a sea of tech jargon and complex concepts. But fear not! If you're looking to dip your toes into the AI realm without getting bogged down in the technicalities, we've got you covered.

Here's a selection of fun, accessible blogs that will ease you into the fascinating world of AI.

1. AI Tools Club 

Screenshot AI Tools Club Blog

With a vast collection of engaging blogs, AI Tools Club covers everything from intriguing AI tools designed to minimize manual labor to groundbreaking innovations in the field.

This blog serves as a fantastic resource not only for individuals keen on exploring new AI-related facts but also offers valuable insights for marketers and business owners. The cherry on top? It presents all this information in a fun and light-hearted manner, making learning about AI an enjoyable experience.


Screenshot of ZDNET AI Section of the Blog

If you're someone who leans more towards cutting-edge happenings in the AI sphere rather than just browsing through endless lists of AI tools, ZDNET is your go-to source.

Whether it's the latest scoop on Microsoft's AI endeavors, Tesla's newest AI integrations, or any other tech titan's advancements, ZDNET ensures you're always in the loop.

3. TechRepublic 

Screenshot of TechRepublic Blog About AI

TechRepublic offers a wealth of information, from the latest AI developments to in-depth analyses of how AI is revolutionizing technology and our daily lives.

Whether you're an AI expert or a newcomer, TechRepublic provides insights, breakthroughs, and a glimpse into the future of technology, making it an essential resource for anyone looking to stay informed about the innovations shaping our world.

4. PCMag

Screenshot of PCMag AI Blog

PCMag goes beyond the usual updates and news about AI, inviting users to plunge into the heart of the AI universe. Here, you'll discover comprehensive AI how-to guides, insightful reviews of various AI tools, expert recommendations for AI solutions tailored to specific needs, and up-to-the-minute AI news. 

5. Geekflare

Screenshot of the AI Section of Geekflare

Geekflare is the perfect spot for tech enthusiasts and professionals alike aiming to harness AI's power for growth or innovation. Geekflare makes the complex world of AI understandable, offering a wealth of articles on the latest AI platforms and practical tools to enhance your work or personal projects.

It's designed for easy comprehension, regardless of your tech background, making it a must-visit for anyone eager to keep up with the fast-paced tech evolution. The blog has two sections, AI Tech and AI Tools, catering to the needs of both developers and general readers.

6. Gizmodo

Screenshot of the AI Section of Gizmodo Blog

Gizmodo offers an extensive array of articles focused on the ever-evolving world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Renowned for its timely updates, Gizmodo delves into the latest AI breakthroughs and developments, ensuring readers are always in the loop.

Beyond just news, the blog curates insightful lists of top AI tools, catering to enthusiasts eager to explore cutting-edge technology. Whether you're keen on staying abreast of every minor development or simply looking to immerse yourself in the fascinating advancements of AI, Gizmodo is your go-to source for all things AI.

7. KDnuggets

Screenshot of KDnuggets AI Blog Section

KDnuggets has tons of guides on how to harness AI and seamlessly incorporate it into various aspects of life. This platform doesn't just stop at AI; it broadens its horizons to encompass machine learning and data science, ensuring that even those with minimal technical background can grasp the concepts.

With a focus on making complex topics accessible and engaging, KDnuggets is your go-to source for insightful and entertaining articles on AI and beyond.

8. GreatAiPrompts

Screenshot of GreatAiPrompts AI Blog

GreatAiPrompts offers an extensive collection of AI prompts designed to spark creativity and innovation across a variety of applications, including text generation, image creation, and music composition.

Beyond prompts, GreatAiPrompts serves as a hub for the latest AI news, detailed guides, and insightful articles that delve into cutting-edge developments in Artificial Intelligence.

Fun, Slightly Technical Blogs 

For all the tech-savvy people, here is a list of AI blogs with a little extra pinch of technical terms and information.

9. Search Engine Journal

Screenshot of Search Engine Journal AI Blog Section

Search Engine Journal stands at the forefront of exploring the dynamic intersection of SEO and AI technologies. It’s "The Blog" for anyone keen on weaving AI into their SEO playbook, as it offers a treasure trove of insights and updates on this subject.

Whether you're diving into the latest trends in generative AI tools, seeking guidance on AI-enhanced content strategies, or simply looking to stay ahead in the SEO game, this blog serves as your comprehensive guide.

10. Techopedia

Screenshot of Techopedia AI Blog Section

Operated by a dedicated group of AI aficionados, this blog has plenty of resources, from beginner-friendly guides that demystify the basics of AI to in-depth analyses and expert insights for the more technically proficient readers.

Additionally, the site features a comprehensive tech dictionary designed to unravel the complexities of AI terminology. This invaluable tool aims to simplify your journey into the transformative realm of Artificial Intelligence, making it more accessible and engaging for everyone.

11. Unite.AI

Screenshot of Unite.AI Blog

Unite.AI was initially launched as a humble blog focused on educating the public about machine learning and AI, eventually evolving into a dynamic community.

It now serves as a crucial conduit, spotlighting innovative AI start-ups that might otherwise go unnoticed by mainstream outlets. This platform is dedicated to not only informing but also connecting users with the groundbreaking advancements shaping the future of AI.

12. DLabs

Screenshot of DLabs AI Blog

At DLabs, they're a collective of AI enthusiasts—data scientists and machine learning experts—dedicated to demystifying the complex world of Artificial Intelligence for everyone. The blog guides both companies and individuals through the vast and intricate challenges of AI.

The content is crafted to address the risks associated with AI, providing a comprehensive perspective crucial for making informed decisions. At the same time, it spotlights the transformative power of AI, offering insights for those eager to explore this dynamic field.

13. Google AI Blog

Screenshot of Google AI Blog

This blog is your premier destination for everything groundbreaking in the realm of Artificial Intelligence, courtesy of Google. It isn't your run-of-the-mill tech talk; it's a deep dive into the cutting-edge advancements and features that Google is pioneering in AI.

From unveiling the latest AI-driven functionalities across Google's suite of products to exploring how Google's technologies are setting new benchmarks in the AI industry, this blog serves as a comprehensive resource for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

14. TechCrunch

Screenshot of the AI Section of TechCrunch

TechCrunch delves deep into the ever-evolving AI landscape, offering readers a comprehensive look at the latest developments, ethical considerations, and the intensifying competition within the field.

Whether it's exploring the intricacies of Generative AI models, their operational mechanisms, or the nuances of data analysis, TechCrunch provides a rich tapestry of content that caters to both newcomers and seasoned professionals in the AI domain.

15. The Verge

Screenshot of The Verge AI Blog

The Verge offers an insightful exploration into the minds and projects of leading figures in the tech industry, delivering the latest developments and expert opinions on AI and machine learning.

Whether you're curious about the future of technology or seeking in-depth analyses of AI's impact across various sectors, The Verge provides a comprehensive look at the advancements shaping our world.

Serious, Highly Technical Blogs 

For people with strong technical backgrounds looking to establish their feet in Artificial Intelligence, here are some blogs that can help.

16. MIT News

Screenshot of MIT News Blog About AI

What sets MIT News apart is not just its focus on cutting-edge AI developments but its broad spectrum of topics that leave a lasting impression on its audience. The commitment to freshness and relevance is evident, as the blog consistently updates its content to reflect the latest trends and breakthroughs in AI.

Moreover, the authenticity and depth of the articles are guaranteed, with most posts crafted by the brilliant minds of MIT researchers themselves. MIT News is your go-to source for reliable, insightful, and up-to-the-minute information on all things AI.

17. OpenAI

Screenshot of OpenAI Blog

The OpenAI blog has content ranging from detailed analyses of new AI models and techniques to thoughtful discussions on AI safety and policy—it covers a wide range of topics that cater to both technical and non-technical audiences.

Whether you're interested in the nitty-gritty of machine learning algorithms or the broader societal impacts of AI, there's something for everyone here.

18. Google Research Blog

Screenshot of Google Research Blog

Google Research Blog not only illuminates the intricate frameworks powering a wide array of AI technologies but also delves deep into the realm of language learning models.

Here, you can embark on a journey through a rich tapestry of topics, including the latest breakthroughs in machine learning, cutting-edge tools for text-to-image generation, and much more. There’s a lot you can explore on this blog.

19. MarkTechPost

Screenshot of MarkTechPost AI Blog

With a rich collection of articles penned by university professors and leading researchers, this blog delves deep into the technical intricacies of AI, making complex concepts accessible to all.

Whether you're just starting your journey into AI or looking to deepen your understanding, MarkTechPost provides tech-savvy guides, enlightening interviews with academia's finest, and an engaging e-learning community. Here, enthusiasts from various backgrounds converge to share their zeal for AI, making it a vibrant hub for learning, discussion, and discovery.

20. HackerNoon

Screenshot of HackerNoon AI Blog Section

Whether you're fascinated by the complexities of machine learning, eager to explore the latest in language learning models, or simply passionate about all things Artificial Intelligence, this blog has you covered.

From insights to in-depth analyses, the content spans the full spectrum of the AI universe, ensuring there's something for everyone. Subscribe to the HackerNoon newsletter today and stay ahead of the curve on all the latest technology trends.

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