9 Best AI Image Enhancer and Upscaler Tools

Need to improve your poor-quality photos? Check out these incredible AI image enhancer and upscaler tools.

A before and after image of a renovated house
Photo by Neriman Özaydın

Do you have low-quality old photos that could use enhancement and upscaling? Well, you’re in luck because there are tons of AI tools available online that do just that in literally one click.

So, here’s our handpicked list of the best AI image enhancer and upscaler tools you can use or try for free.

Note: We’ve used the following image in each tool for comparison purposes.

Old vintage photo of low quality and resolution
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood

1. LimeWire AI Studio

An old image enhanced and upscaled using LimeWire AI Studio

As the name suggests, LimeWire AI Studio uses AI to upscale and enhance your photos, providing a straightforward way to improve the image quality and resolution. The service uses an advanced AI model, LimeWire’s BlueWillow, to analyze and intelligently increase the resolution of images, filling in details that are not initially visible.

The platform's user-friendly interface allows you to easily upload images to apply enhancement effects onto them using BlueWillow. The main focus here is ease of use, letting you experience its magic in one click.

Pricing: If you want to try out LimeWire AI Studio, the service offers a free version with ten free daily credits—you need around 1.5 credits per upscale on average. You can also opt for the paid plans, which start at USD 9.99 per month, providing additional credits and features for more extensive use.

2. iLoveIMG

An old image enhanced and upscaled using iLoveIMG

iLoveIMG is a paid service that presents a user-friendly image upscaling tool designed to increase the resolution of your pictures with ease. By offering size multipliers of 2x and 4x, the tool can transform smaller images into larger, clearer versions without any complex parameters for you to tinker with. This is particularly useful if you want to enhance images for printing or high-resolution displays.

The process is as simple as uploading an image and selecting the desired size multiplier. The tool then works to upscale the image, maintaining the integrity of the original while boosting its dimensions. It's a quick fix for situations where you have a great photo that just isn't big enough for your needs.

Pricing: iLoveIMG lets you upscale three images for free. After that, you need its paid plan starting at USD 4.00 monthly to upscale more images. With this subscription, you can access a whole suite of AI tools with higher usage limits.

3. Pixelcut

An old image enhanced and upscaled using Pixelcut

Pixelcut offers a simple image upscaling tool to breathe new life into your photos by increasing the resolution with the help of AI. This tool is particularly handy if you need higher-quality images for professional projects or personal use, especially when starting with lower-resolution files.

With Pixelcut, the upscaling process is a breeze. All you need to do is choose between a 2x or 4x size multiplier, which the AI uses as a guide to enhance the image's resolution while preserving its original charm. The result is a crisper, more detailed image ready for various uses, from online storefronts to social media posts.

Pricing: Pixelcut's upscaler tool is free to use with one image enhancement at a time. For batch processing and some other perks, you can opt for its paid plan starting at USD 4.99 per month.

4. ImgUpscaler

An old image enhanced and upscaled using ImgUpscaler

ImgUpscaler focuses on speed and efficiency, particularly when dealing with bulk image upscaling. This tool uses deep learning and super-resolution technology to quickly upscale multiple images, making it a solid choice if you need to batch-process your photos.

It lets you enhance your pictures by 200% or 400%. You can easily compare the before-and-after results with a simple slider interface, providing a clear visual of the upscaling improvements.

Pricing: ImgUpscaler offers 20 free monthly credits upon creating a free account, with one credit equal to one image upscale. For more credits and some advanced features, you can go for its paid plans starting at USD 3.90 per month.

5. Img2Go

An old image enhanced and upscaled using Img2Go

Img2Go offers an AI image upscaling tool designed to make enlarging images seamless. It’s a solid tool for transforming low-resolution images into higher-quality versions without the typical loss of clarity or introducing artifacts that can occur with traditional upscaling methods.

The AI technology behind Img2Go learns with each image processed, improving its ability to upscale photos while maintaining the original essence. You can easily upload your image, select the desired output format, and specify the new size by dimensions or percentage to initiate upscaling.

Pricing: You get ten free monthly credits, with each upscale equal to one credit. For advanced functionality, you have paid options starting at USD 6.50 per month.

6. Bigjpg

An old image enhanced and upscaled using Bigjpg

Bigjpg distinguishes itself in image upscaling by using deep convolutional neural networks, a type of AI that reduces noise and serration. This technology ensures that images can be significantly enlarged while retaining high quality, avoiding the common problems of fuzziness and noise often associated with upscaling.

The service claims to maintain color fidelity and edge sharpness better than many of its competitors. It offers noticeable improvements for artwork as well as regular photos, making it a versatile tool for both image types.

Pricing: Bigjpg can enhance 20 images per month for free. However, to unlock its full capabilities, you need one of its paid subscriptions starting at USD 6.00 for two months.

7. Zyro

An old image enhanced and upscaled using Zyro

Zyro's completely free AI image upscaler is a super simple tool for enhancing images with no options to select or settings to play with. This tool is designed to upscale photos with minimal effort, making it a go-to for quickly improving the resolution of your favorite images.

The upscaling process is powered by Zyro's AI, which employs deep convolutional neural networks to analyze and intelligently fill in details that low-resolution images lack. This means that whether it's your beloved family photo or a product image for your online store, Zyro can enhance it to look more professional and appealing.

Pricing: As mentioned above, it’s an entirely free online image enhancer tool.

8. Aiseesoft

An old image enhanced and upscaled using Aiseesoft

Aiseesoft’s image upscaler uses AI super-resolution technology to enhance image quality by upscaling without compromising detail. It tries to recover lost pixels, colors, textures, and details, making it ideal for fixing blurry images or upscale photos for higher-resolution needs.

The tool is straightforward to use—you upload an image, choose your desired zoom factor (up to an impressive 800%), and let the AI do the rest. It can handle various image types, including JPG, JPEG, and BMP, and is designed to produce results quickly.

Pricing: The free watermarked version upscales images to twice the original size. To unlock the complete functionality, the paid plans start at USD 14.90 per month.

9. Upscales

An old image enhanced and upscaled using Upscales

Upscales focuses on simplicity and effective outputs. This tool is designed to upscale images effortlessly, utilizing AI to increase the resolution of photos while aiming to preserve original quality.

The straightforward tool allows you to upload images and choose upscaling preferences. It then employs AI algorithms to process the image, enhancing details and improving sharpness. It is handy for photos displayed on high-resolution screens or printed in large formats.

Pricing: The free limited version of Upscales lets you upscale your images up to two times the original size. You’ll need its app version to subscribe to a pro plan for advanced options.

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