$LMWR on Binance Smart Chain (BNB) and PancakeSwap

$LMWR on Binance Smart Chain (BNB) and PancakeSwap

We’re excited to announce another big step for LimeWire! Following last week’s successful launch with minting NFTs on Binance Smart Chain (BNB), we have decided to make the LMWR token available on BNB Chain and Pancake Swap via bridging.

Through this integration, LMWR evolves into a multi-chain token, allowing holders to bridge LMWR from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and vice versa.

What does that mean for you? 

This move is set to bring several advantages and opportunities, both for you and for the LimeWire ecosystem. BNB offers a low-cost alternative for buying and transferring $LMWR via the Binance Smart Chain. You now have the option to avoid high transaction fees and enjoy seamless transactions by choosing $LMWR on BNB.

BNB represents one of the leading blockchain ecosystems and we already experienced a high number of participants from the BNB community in the LMWR public sale. Bridging LMWR to BNB opens new doors for the BNB community to join the LimeWire ecosystem.

How can I bridge LMWR between Ethereum and BNB?

Together with our partner Chainport, we have created a token bridge, allowing anyone to bridge LMWR from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and vice versa. This bridge enables LMWR transactions with low gas fees and broadens the token's accessibility to the BNB community, including trading on PancakeSwap.

The official link to the LMWR token bridge is available here, and users can bridge LMWR by following these simple three steps:

Step 1 - Connect your wallet

You can connect your wallet in the top-right corner at Chainport directly. Chainport currently offers support for Ledger, Trezor, Coinbase Wallet, Wallet Connect, and MetaMask wallets. Then, select the wallet that contains the Ethereum-based LMWR tokens that you want to bridge to BNB.

Step 2 - Pick your blockchains and token

Select the source blockchain and target blockchain from the drop-down menu. For our purposes, the source chain is Ethereum, and the target chain is BNB. From the menu, you will then need to select LMWR as the token you would like to bridge.

Step 3 - Confirm the transaction and receive your tokens

Check all the related information for your transaction. This includes gas fees and the token, and do this before you confirm the transaction. Once you have confirmed the details are all correct, you can approve the transaction and will then need to wait a few minutes for it to be processed. Your LMWR tokens should then have been bridged successfully.

Trading LMWR on PancakeSwap

In addition, $LMWR on BNB Chain is now also available for trading on PancakeSwap, and LimeWire has set up a liquidity pool to allow transactions. 

Follow this link to trade $LMWR on PancakeSwap: lmwr.co/pancakeswap

The official $LMWR smart contract on BSCScan is listed below: https://bscscan.com/token/0x307bc76e3d59ed73886a9cf9360a9286f6281ba7

And finally, make sure to stay tuned and follow us on Twitter, we won’t be slowing down any time soon.